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Trading Jail For Jobs.

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Its aim is to provide opportunities for the disadvantaged members of our community, generally, and the formerly incarcerated specifically. Our primary purpose is to end recidivism and then prevent entry of at risk youth into the prison pipeline from the start. No one is going to save us unless we save ourselves. TJFJ was created to essentially serve as a vehicle to provide an alternative to incarceration.


To give back and pay forward our blessings to the same communities that we once plagued and destroyed.


We aim to stop recidivism, crime, and poverty by providing economic empowerment through education and opportunity, as well as personal life coaching from experienced , productive and successful staff who were mostly all formerly incarcerated.


We aim to use construction as a vehicle to help the formerly incarcerated and other disadvantaged populations create a living for themselves or to use as a stepping stone to achieve other goals and dreams

Our History

Trading Jail for Jobs started out as a Construction Union Pre-Apprenticeship/Criminal Reform Program that was originally named Trading Hammers for Hammers Program. In 2019, Divine Shabazz was a real estate agent under a Real Estate Brokerage in East Flatbush Brooklyn. Divine was also a full time Union member in the Cement and Concrete Laborers Union.

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Every person should get the fair opportunity they deserve.