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Trading Jail for Jobs Pre apprenticeship Program

What is an Apprenticeship program?

An Apprenticeship program is an industry specific educational and hands on
training program that is registered with the Department of Labor. It involves
earning certifications and licences in a particular field, usually lasts a few years
and includes on the job training.

What is a Pre Apprenticeship Program?

A Pre apprenticeship program is a community based organization that prepares
its members for entry into a Registered Apprenticeship Program. It provides its
participants with entry level knowledge and skills to help its participants enter and
complete a registered apprenticeship program. Sometimes a pre apprenticeship
program pays a stipend and usually lasts a few weeks or months.

Guided Steps

Step 1

Submit name and phone number to be placed on waiting list.

Step 2

Schedule an interview to provide personal information about yourself to the directors of the program.

Step 3

After clearance, participant will be scheduled for an orientation class to receive a complete briefing about the program. After orientation, all participants must decide on joining the program.

Steps Cont.

Step 4

Those participants who decide to join the program will be given a waiver to read and sign that allows them to train and exercise. New recruits also have to take a physical examination and be medically cleared by a doctor in order to participate in training and exercise. Must sign agreement to follow Program rules.

Step 5

After the above documents are submitted participants can begin to attend classes

Step 6

Please note that program only accepts 15 people at a time.

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